November 13, 2020

PureFacts welcomes three high-profile investors to further accelerate its growth

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PureFacts, a leading wealthtech provider owned by its employees and founder Robert Madej, is excited to welcome three high-profile investors to help propel the company’s plans for scalable exponential growth: leadership expert Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, author and TV personality David Chilton, and entrepreneur and venture capitalist Bruce Croxon. This is the first time in the company’s history that it has welcomed outside investment in the firm.

The three investors will provide their expertise and mentorship to enable PureFacts to accelerate its long-term goals. When asked why they chose to invest in PureFacts, here’s what each of the investors shared about their confidence in the company’s team and its capabilities.

“Our company is on an exciting growth trajectory. We’re thrilled that these three world-renowned investors recognize our potential for exponential growth – and want to join us on this journey. Importantly, they also share our vision, mission, and commitment to providing the best value to our clients.” 

– Robert Madej, PureFacts Founder & CEO

“We know that what differentiates the top 10% of high-performing leaders is they extract 3-5x more information from the same opportunity to learn as an average leader. That’s Rob. He’s an aggressive learner. He and his senior team understand how to build a highly engaged team of employees, which leads to a team giving 25% more “discretionary effort” or extra effort. These are the ingredients for innovation and success. I couldn’t be more excited to be here to support him and his team on his journey.” 

- Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry:
New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur of a Fast 100 company

“Rob and the PureFacts team are outstanding individuals. They truly want to make a positive difference for their clients and, even more importantly, their clients’ clients, people trying to build wealth. It’s always nice during the due-diligence process to be able to reach out to some clients of the company you’re considering investing in. Frankly, in this case, the clients’ feedback made the decision easy.” 

- David Chilton:
Well-known Canadian financial expert, author of The Wealthy Barber and The Wealthy Barber Returns, former Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and recognized for his recent work at RBC to help educate Canadians about the services of corporate executors

–Robert Madej, PureFacts Founder & CEO

“I’m confident in the future of PureFacts because I see a strong fit with the company’s offering and what the market needs. Importantly, it’s about the leadership – the jockey, rather than the horse. Steady, predictable revenue growth behind an ambitious entrepreneur with a team we believe is the recipe for success – and that’s PureFacts.”

- Bruce Croxon:
Acclaimed Canadian entrepreneur and former Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den who helms Round13, a company dedicated to investment in growth stage Canadian tech companies. He also co-hosts ‘The Disruptors’ on BNN, where he provides analysis on Canada’s most innovative tech companies

PureFacts is a profitable, high-growth tech company that’s focused on mergers and acquisitions to expand its suite of software applications and increase its presence in global markets. Recent acquisitions include: VennScience Salesforce Consultancy and  Cascades Financial Solutions. Learn more about their COVID-19 initiatives: Creating opportunities in uncertain times: Year-to-date reflections.

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