Your Revenue.

We calculate, collect, distribute, incentivize and optimize your revenues. That's end-to-end revenue management. That's PureRevenue.

PureRevenue is the Revenue Platform purpose-built for Wealth Managers, Asset Managers, Life Insurance firms, Financial Platforms and Capital Markets.

PureRevenue incorporates the essential front-office, back-office and data management capabilities on one powerful platform.

PureRevenue empowers business leaders, operators and relationship managers to optimize their revenue streams and streamline operations, allowing for less investment in sorting out and more time engaged with growing the business and revenues.



Always accurate calculations that reduce risk, eliminate revenue leakage and increase transparency with clients.



Achieve more by aligning incentive and performance compensation with business goals. Support, retain and attract advisors with flexible incentive programs and affiliation models.



Harness the power of your data to gather actionable insights that will grow revenues, improve firm performance, and enhance advisor retention and client relationships.


Your revenue has a lifecycle.

We help you find and win more revenue, monetize your value, eliminate revenue leakage, incentivize partners & employees, and optimize your entire revenue lifecycle. We ensure you can do that efficiently, integrated with your key business processes and aligned with regulations. That pays dividends - as growth and results - and most importantly, enables more investment in your clients.

Growth is hard.

It's even harder when you don't have the right tools to build and run your business.
Single System of Record

Our revenue platform starts with our Single Book of Record for Revenue Management. We help you get control of all the data with our Single System of Record for Revenue Management.


We polish that data, to make sure it is free of errors and anomalies that cause hidden revenue leakage.

Fees & revenues

Our Platform then powers you to turn that data into fees and other revenues - almost any billing arrangement, affiliation model, or commission structure can be supported - and we give you the tools to collect that revenue.

Revenue engine

And because every revenue engine runs on incentive to take action, PureRevenue includes powerful incentive, commission and compensation capabilities to help you build and manage the right incentives to power your revenue engine.

Rich Insights

The Platform offers insights and powers recommendations backed by benchmarks and enriched with AI. Understand how you are doing, how you could be doing and what you should do.


Take optimization actions across your revenue lifecycle to close leakage, adjust pricing, align incentives, increase focus on the most powerful drivers of good revenue.

PureFacts’ business analysts really understood our reality and challenges while being always proactive. They’re quick on their feet and do the extra mile to fix accurately any temporary discrepancies with the application.

– VP, Wealth Management Solutions, National Bank Financial

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