April 30, 2020

WealthTech 100: PureFacts recognized as innovative wealth technology leader

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We’re honoured to be recognized as one of the 100 most innovative WealthTech companies in the world. The WealthTech100 list by FinTech Global identifies the 100 companies that every investment industry leader needs to know about in 2020. The list helps investment firms, private banks, and advisors identify new business models that will have a lasting impact on their industry.

We figure that the FinTech Global panel of industry experts faced a tough challenge determining this year’s WealthTech100 list. They had to choose from over 1200 wealthtech companies globally who are all technology pioneers in their own right.

Ultimately, the firms that made the final cut were using technology in the most innovative ways to either solve a significant industry problem, generate cost savings, or improve efficiency across the investment value chain.

What does it take to be named one of the most innovative companies in the world?

We believe it takes vision and determination. A passion for exploring new ideas. A willingness to challenge the boundaries of what’s possible. And most importantly, a diverse group of highly talented, super committed individuals who come together as a team to turn our hypotheses into hope and conjecture into transformative solutions.

Major kudos go out to our dedicated team who made this achievement possible. We definitely could not have done this without each and every one of you.

How we’re innovating with technology

We use Artificial Intelligence, big data, and the latest technologies, along with our industry expertise, to help firms capture, grow, and protect the value they create for their clients.

  • Our fees and billing solution helps firms capture value with transparent and tailored pricing strategies.
  • Our reporting solutions help firms grow the value of their advice, build trust with investors, and manage regulatory risk.
  • Our Insights-as-a-Service platform helps firms re-invent their business by de-risking and accelerating adoption of AI-powered solutions.


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