June 12, 2020

Tax-efficient retirement income insights: reassuring investors & helping advisors grow AUM

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During these challenging times, we’re currently very focused on helping our wealth management clients reassure their clients and provide the best possible advice. One of the ways we’re supporting wealth advisors is with free access to Canada's leading retirement income insights solution, Cascades Financial Solutions.

Cascades empowers wealth management firms to enter the rapidly growing retirement decumulation space and grow their assets under management. We've recently taken an ownership stake in this breakthrough solution and are incorporating Cascades into our wealthtech suite of solutions.

"We’re always on the lookout for exceptional value-add partners who can enable our clients to help their clients live their best lives. Developed from the ground up by advisors, Cascades helps investors with their retirement income planning. We’re excited to add the Cascades decumulation platform to our offering to help our clients increase the value of their advice.”  Robert Madej, PureFacts CEO

Cascades tax-efficient retirement planning

Given the impact of COVID-19 on clients' lives and the ongoing market volatility, many clients are looking for reassurance these days about their financial situations. Advisors can use Cascades to help a client plan for their retirement or review their retirement situation in the face of the current pandemic.  Cascades provides unrivaled tax minimization, cash flow optimization, and insurance insights. Financial advisors can use these insights to provide tax-efficient, retirement income planning advice they could never do before on their own. Importantly, the solution quickly answers the most critical question of so many clients right now, “Are we going to be okay?”

“Poor tax planning can cost a client hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost retirement income. With Cascades, advisors not only save clients taxes, but they can also save them from devastating advice. Prior to Cascades, there was no tool on the market that could tell an investor with confidence that they’d have enough money when they retire.”  Ian Moyer, Co-founder of Cascades Financial Solutions 

Cascades has revolutionized the way that advisors can help clients plan for retirement. Advisors can give clients a detailed summary of competing withdrawal strategies, a clear breakdown of retirement income, key planning considerations, and long-term financial projections. It's the only decumulation tool on the market that focuses on cash flow and tax optimization to determine the best drawdown strategy. Instead of saying “trust me” to a client, an advisor can say, “Let me show you.”


Example of competing withdrawal strategies


Cascades donuts


Three ways to access Cascades

Depending on their needs, our clients can choose to access this innovative tool in one of three ways.

  1. A standalone retirement income planning solution with no integration.
  2. A complete front, middle, and back-office wealth management solution with financial data integrations and goals-based investment and retirement income planning modules.
  3. An API-enabled retirement income planning solution to any existing digital ecosystem.


Grow AUM with our Risk-Free Trial Offer

Want to empower your advisors with tax-efficient decumulation strategies? We’re now offering free access to Cascades for 45 days, risk-free. Sign up today for your free trial. Or talk to us to learn more: martin.carignan@purefacts.com


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