Understand your revenue engine and take action to optimize your revenues.

With PureInsight, you can improve your revenue by knowing how you are doing, identify how you could be doing and decide what you should do.




Seamlessly integrate with your enterprise data warehouse, core banking, financial planning, portfolio management, custodian and CRM systems.



Leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide predictive insights for proactive, data-driven management.


Easy to understand

A delightful user experience that is personalized, contextual and designed to deliver at-a-glance insights for more nimble decision making and a depth of data to back it up.


Turnkey reports with ultimate flexibility

The PureFacts platform comes with more than 40 out-of-the-box reports that are completely configurable for the individual reports, statements and packages your business, your advisors and your clients need.

Powerfully simple

Designed with user productivity in mind, PureInsights comes with an intuitive UI that is mobile-ready, and with widgets that are designed to be embedded in other web applications.


Does your revenue management solution deliver insights?


Turbocharge advisor effectiveness

Increase profits and strengthen client relationships by providing advisors and relationship managers with access to insights and reporting that assists them in delivering advice and managing clients. Widget architecture allows each user to set personal preferences that can be integrated with your existing portal or hosted by PureFacts.

Stop revenue leakage in its tracks

Enriched with innovative, advanced AI driven algorithms, PureInsights helps you spot, evaluate and take action.

  • Anomaly Radar: detect and take action to repair data, asset classification and contract errors ensuring your revenue lifecycle runs accurately and without leakage
  • Advisor retention: reduce the risk of advisor churn by watching data-driven indicators for attrition
Case Study

Integrating & streamlining fees

A wealth manager wanted to fix their fractured system for reporting fees across various products, accounts and service levels. Here’s how they got everything simplified, streamlined and integrated.

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