March 15, 2021

Top 30 AI influencer Mehrnaz Shokrollahi at TMLS

1 min read

Mehrnaz Shokrollahi, a Senior Data Scientist at PureFacts and top 30 AI influencer, will share her insights on the applications for Machine Learning in the financial services sector at the upcoming Toronto Machine Learning Summit (TMLS) on March 23rd. This year’s gathering for the finance Machine Learning community will attract over 500 senior industry professionals and feature an impressive roster of 18 speakers. 

Her presentation “Financial Client Churn Detection Using Computer Vision” looks at how her team at PureFacts is using computer vision to solve the problem of client churn for the wealth and asset management sectors. 

Specifically, Mehrnaz will lead a discussion on how PureFacts addressed the following:

  • Design for Client Churn Detection Model
  • Data and information inputs necessary to the process
  • The use of neural networks to predict client churn
  • Performance of the model as comparable with other methods like Lightgbm

The customer attrition model helps wealth managers understand how much of their total portfolio is at risk and provides them with actionable insights for each client. Our early users have found this solution especially valuable during these turbulent times when investors need even more support from their advisors 


About Mehrnaz Shokrollahi

In her role at PureFacts, Mehrnaz transforms financial data into reliable Artificial Intelligence. She has developed multiple algorithms and use cases for financial institutions and boutique firms. Alongside her work at PureFacts, she is a member of the advisory board on Queens University’s InQUbate Program, the first student-run AI startup incubator. She also holds a position in IEEE Canada with the title of Chair of the IEEE Signal Processing Section Toronto Chapter. Since completing her PhD from Ryerson University in 2015, Mehrnaz has had various positions in different industries including healthcare, manufacturing and mobile app, focused solely on developing AI solutions. She has also authored numerous papers and been awarded prestigious scholarships, including Mitacs Postdoctoral Award.