Augmented Intelligence Solutions

Machine Intelligence working together with Human Intelligence.

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At a glance

AI - At a glance

~10 weeks

Instead of ~12 months to implement a repeatable machine learning prediction.

$0 R&D investment

Leave the expensive AI R&D to us. We have a menu of out-of-the-box solutions ready to be implemented.


of AI science projects are simply science projects. Our solutions integrate with your technology stack to drive adoption and business benefit.

How we help

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Investor Retention

Our retention model analyzes patterns of clients at risk of leaving and flags them. Advisors can use these insights to retain their valuable clients.

Client Value

With our predictive method wealth firms can determine the long-term value of their existing clients and better manage their client lifecycle.

Data Anomaly Detection

We enable wealth firms and their advisors to proactively identify errors and prevent costly mistakes, client trust erosion or regulatory fines.

Retirement Income Insights

We partnered with Cascades Financial Solutions to bring the most comprehensive retirement income planning solution. Advisors can help their clients tax-efficiently manage their cashflow.

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Insights Messenger

With Insights Messenger powered by AutoQL, advisors can ask questions in their own words to access data and uncover insights in real time.


Key features

AI won’t replace every financial advisor; just those that don’t use AI. Forward-thinking wealth management firms are eager to adopt AI-powered solutions but often struggle with implementation. We help you improve your AI project success.

Shorten time to value-1
Shorten time to value

Realize the value of a project faster by leveraging solutions we’ve built such as data lakes from various sources and pre-trained machine learning models.

Derisk your operations-1
Derisk your operations

We take the guesswork out of investing in AI. Instead of building a new solution through trial and error, rely on our solutions that have a proven track record of success.

Accelerate value creation-1
Accelerate value creation

Make well-informed decisions with transformational insights for your business you can act on.

Decrease operational costs-1
Decrease operational costs

Turn your cost centres into profit centres. We augment human work with AI, automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and enable your team to focus on what matters most.

Our core competencies

We're math geeks, wealth management data experts and innovators. Passionate about our clients' success.

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AI & Machine Learning

We have a talented team of PhDs with wealth management knowledge whose superpower is solving complex business problems with machine learning.


For the last decade, we've gathered and processed vast amounts of data – quickly and accurately. All of our clients trust us for their mission-critical business functions.

Complex Calculations

Handling challenging calculations is what we live for. Whether it’s calculating a myriad of fee options or crunching the numbers to extract deep data insights for more informed decisions.

Additional resources

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Our AI solutions in action

See how our AI solutions, powered by Microsoft Azure, can reduce client attrition and catch data anomalies for fees with 90% accuracy.

Simpler, faster implementations for enhanced client statements: Powered by Microsoft Azure

How to generate better-looking statements while eliminating the ever-increasing costs and time-consuming maintenance of on-premise hosting.

Data aggregation for wealth management

Overcome the barriers. Acquire a competitive edge. Data aggregation is essential to make more informed business decisions. However, aggregating data is still challenging for many wealth management firms...