April 5, 2024

PureFacts selected to the WealthTech100 for 2024

1 min read

PureFacts has been honoured with a spot on the WealthTech100 2024 list! This recognition (our second time!) is a testament to the commitment the PureFacts team has to innovation, transformation, and excellence in supporting the wealth management industry.

At PureFacts, we believe in the power of technology to drive positive change and enhance the client experience. Our PureFees application has been a leader since our founding, PureRewards created its category in the US in the late 90s and continues to define the incentive compensation segment and our PureInsights service is changing how Wealth Management firms manage and optimize their businesses. And now we have pioneered an innovative end-to-end revenue management platform that helps our clients calculate, collect, distribute, incentivise and optimise their revenues across their entire revenue lifecycle.

The WealthTech100 is a benchmark defined by the recognized companies, who, like us, strive to develop compelling solutions that empower our clients to navigate the complexities of wealth management with confidence and ease. We appreciate being counted among firms we hold in high regard, and we especially note the new firms on the list. This is a sign of a healthy wealthtech market and advances the entire sector!

On November 6th we look forward to joining other WealthTech100 firms and Wealth Management leaders for the Global WealthTech Summit 2024 in London, UK. It is the focus on clients and users that drive our innovation, and this event is sure to be rich with compelling dialogue.

Wealth Management can change lives. Ensuring wealth management is more accessible, transparent, personalized, and successful than ever before will create lasting value for generations of families.

PureFacts team: Cheers to you! This is only possible because of your efforts and determination every day.