June 11, 2022

Enhancing the advisor experience

1 min read

Case Study: A financial services organization was interested in differentiating on client service


Increase the client lifetime value.


Improve the quality of the investment advice and strengthen client relationships.

Wealth managers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves based on their investment products. Growing their bottom line means getting creative. PureFacts was able to help one organization improve their technology so they could differentiate themselves with an enhanced advisor and client experiences.

The solution provides advisors with an automated goals-based investing module and relatable, household-level, client reporting. It is a hosted, high performing and scalable solution integrated into the existing organizational tech stack.

Switching from an outcome-based conversation, focused on returns, to a goals-based conversation, focused on the life goals of each individual client, enables advisors to uncover more information and tailor plans to better fit the individuals and families they serve - and deepen and strengthen the relationships.

The goals-based investing experience coupled with digital onboarding allowed the firm to achieve a signification reduction in NIGO (Not In Good Order) applications, allowing the firm to open and fund accounts faster.

By having an integrated eSignature and document library workflow, PureFacts supports both wet signatures and eSignatures - making it easier than ever to meet paperless goals and reduce environmental impacts.