February 3, 2023

Building a Better Future: the Impact of PureFacts’ PurePossibilities Program in 2022

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Earlier this year, PureFacts was profiled by the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper by circulation. As part of the MaRS ecosystem, we were humbled to be featured as an innovator in technology. With over two decades in wealth-tech, we’re no stranger to media coverage. Our award-winning SaaS platform to help investment firms improve revenue management has been profiled before. But unlike other pieces that often focus on our technical innovation, this piece struck a chord because, in addition to showcasing our solution, it focused on our company values.

It’s in our DNA

In the article, CFO Gerard Daniels explains that PureFacts’ values and commitment to giving back aren’t lip service – they’re part of the company’s DNA. Many employees come from humble beginnings, including founder and CEO Robert Madej, and have a deep appreciation for how difficult growing wealth can be, especially in today’s economic climate.

So as the company started to think about things like corporate citizenship, it made logical sense to develop a program designed to foster growth.

Enter the PurePossibilities Program

PurePossibilities was created to help provide a leg up to those who need it to ensure more people have financial well-being and the ability to live their best life. The program is comprised of three pillars – Essential Needs, Education, and Employment. Each pillar is designed to support the growth and success of both individuals and communities. The program is managed by a dedicated team of PureFacts employees and led by Mehrnaz Shokrollahi, an award-winning computer engineer, AI-influencer, and PureFacts’ AI Team Lead.

“I was fortunate to be able to come to Canada with my family and start a better life, receive a formal education, and build a positive support network of friends and family. I’ve been able to excel in my career but, unfortunately, not everyone has this privilege. Leading the PurePossibilities program gives me the opportunity to give back to the community that’s given so much to me.”

With a distributed workforce and global footprint, making a meaningful, coordinated, contribution towards each of these pillars might seem like a tough assignment. But when giving back is such a key ingredient to your company culture, and you have a team of people passionate about helping others, it becomes a natural part of doing business.

Donating to ensure essential needs are met

In 2022 PureFacts contributed to a variety of charities to help provide access to essential support and resources. This meant raising money for international causes as well as charities in our own backyards. In 2022 our charitable contributions included:

  • Raising $10,000 to support Ukraine emergency relief efforts.
  • A financial donation to Fundação LIGA in Lisbon Portugal to help support their efforts to help those in vulnerable situations and with disabilities obtain professional training and employment.
  • A financial donation to CASA Foundation for International development to help them buy food and winter essentials for youths and women in shelters.
  • Providing essential items, winter clothing, and financial support for Dixon Hall Housing Services, who operate shelters across Toronto.

While for a small team these contributions were meaningful, they barely scratch the surface of what these organizations, and others like them, need in order to deliver essential services and support to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. We’ll continue to support organizations in need in 2023 and beyond as part of the PurePossibilities program.

Lifting people up through access to higher education

This year, PureFacts partnered with seven programs across five Canadian universities to help increase access to education. Our PureScholars program provided $152,000 worth of scholarships for more than 30 students over five years. Scholarship recipients included students at:

  • University of Guelph Engineering and Business departments,
  • Rotman School of Business at University of Toronto,
  • University of Toronto Electrical Engineering department,
  • University of Waterloo Department of Math and Computer Science, and;
  • Schulich School of Business at York University

Providing mentorship to help create a path for meaningful employment

Rounding out the PurePossibilities program in 2022 was our involvement in mentorship. The PureFacts team mentored scholarship recipients and students from a variety of different organizations, including Wavemakers, to help them gain meaningful work experience and future-ready competencies. One student even became a PureFacts intern. In 2023 we look forward to expanding our mentorship program even further to help others develop and gain the skills needed for a successful future.


 Continuing our commitment in 2023

Last year was a good start for our PurePossiblities program, and a great example of what’s possible when an organization prioritizes people and community. It’s by no means the finish line. We’re looking forward to further extending our support and making even greater contributions in 2023. At PureFacts we have a vision of worldwide wealth, and ensuring people have their essential, educational, and employment needs met is one way we can help make that vision a reality.