March 30, 2020

Accelerate value creation with Artificial Intelligence

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Today’s wealth managers face a massive intergenerational wealth transfer, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. AI has the potential to solve for both.

Forward-thinking firms understand this but struggle to integrate AI-powered solutions into their operations … and ⅔ of AI projects are destined to fail.

What prevents so many AI projects from hitting their ROI objectives? And how can firms effectively use AI-powered solutions to drive their growth?

Watch our video and discover how you can quickly accelerate your firm’s value creation with AI.


Mission-critical AI solutions

At PureFacts, we provide mission-critical AI solutions for the wealth management industry. We use machine learning to reduce client attrition and extract financial insights in seconds. Powered by Microsoft Azure, our technologies aggregate multiple data sources, deploy trained models, and continuously re-train them with richer data over time.


Some of the AI solutions we’re developing:

Identifying at-risk clients to help advisors retain them

Our Investor Retention Model predicts whether an advisor’s investors are likely to leave in 3, 6, 12, or 24 months, based on more than 200 variables. Advisors see a probability assigned to each possible outcome and insights into the factors driving each one. Our solution helps firms understand how much AUM is potentially at risk while providing advisors with actionable insights to strengthen client relationships.

Extracting insights in seconds

Our AI-powered solution’s Natural Language Processing Model interprets advisors’ questions as SQL queries. It helps minimize the time advisors spend on fact-finding and makes it easier for them to deliver better quality advice. Advisors who once took half an hour to extract insights for investors can simply type or speak queries into our PureFacts platform instead and get the answers in seconds.

Confidently detecting anomalies to prevent costly mistakes

With fees anomaly detection, many banks run about four different types of reports on the quality of their data and then look through the reports line by line to find anomalies. Our Data Anomaly Model today can catch the errors as they occur and inform users immediately. With our solution, advisors can proactively identify and correct anomalous data patterns faster and with far more confidence versus using manual methods.

Ask us how we can help make your firm AI-ready today. Contact us for a demo of our AI-powered solutions: 1-888-596-9338 or info@purefacts.com


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Benefits of working with PureFacts

The world of wealth management is evolving rapidly. PureFacts helps you manage change by leveraging new technologies for mission-critical services. We grow when you grow. PureFacts is a total wealth platform that seamlessly plugs into your ecosystem. When you partner with us, you harness 20+ years of experience in financial services and technology.