February 4, 2019

Top technology trends driving client engagement

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When it comes to improving client experience,  many wealth management firms have barely moved the needle.  A recent Forrester report warns that client experience metrics have remained flat for the third year in a row and there’s “a dangerous gap in customers’ sense of emotional engagement and loyalty” with their wealth management providers. At the same time, advisors are also under pressure to lower their fees to meet client expectations. To address these concerns, financial firms are looking to invest in technology to streamline costs and boost efficiencies while also supporting their advisors in delivering more engaging client experiences.

Technology that bridges the client experience gap


Mobile apps for direct client communication

According to a recent Financial Planning tech survey, advisors agree that mobile technology, more than any other tech category, will drastically alter wealth management over the next few years. Advisors want mobile apps to connect quickly with clients and send information directly to their smartphones and other mobile devices.


Investor portals that are mobile-first enabled

Clients get the most up-to-date access to their information — anytime, anywhere. Portals provide greater transparency, build trust, and encourage client-advisor conversations.


Advisor portals with aggregated views of client data

With information about their clients all in one place, advisors can quickly pull up key metrics at meetings. Having a total picture of a client helps improve the advisor-client relationship.


Cloud-based technology to boost efficiency and cuts costs

Outsourced and hosted cloud technology helps: automate routine tasks to free up advisor time for high-value activities; improve service quality and the client experience; and improve back-office operations and reduce operational risk for firms.


Automated client communication platforms

Advisor CRM platforms help  maintain the right level of contact with clients with automated reminders for reviews and key touchpoints.


Technology to handle the ever-growing regulatory burden

Firms are investing in technology-driven automation and enhanced data management to improve efficiencies and ease the cost burden. Advisors get the reassurance that systems and reports are compliant.


Financial advisors face continual pressure to grow their business while delivering exceptional client experiences. By adopting the technology advisors want to use, wealth management firms can help them maintain client confidence, boost engagement and fuel success.

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