October 31, 2020

Deliver a superior client experience online and in print

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blue_down_arrow CHALLENGE

Long-time user of PureFees and one of the few providing goals-based investing.

Wanted to solve operational challenges, create better-looking statements and meet regulatory requirements (report TWRR, MWRR, and Trailing Commissions).

Provide an enhanced client portal and goals-based statement (online and printed).

pink_down_arrow SOLUTION

Implemented four PureFacts modules.

New statement design helps investment counsellors/advisors easily answer client questions.

All statements are uploaded at once into client and advisor portals.

Clients can conveniently see all their goals on both their statements and portal.

Advisors can quickly run Ad hoc reports for clients for point-in-time performance.

green_down_arrow RESULTS

Met regulatory requirements, eliminated risk and increased operational efficiency.

Eliminated manually intensive and high-risk process of uploading client statements one by one.

Provided greater functionality and customization options.

Delivered a superior client experience through statements, ad hoc reports and portal.


"Eliminating the manually intensive and high-risk process of uploading statements was a big win for us. Now it’s all done with one click of a button.”

Manager, Investment Counsel Services | Manulife Private Wealth