Redefining Revenue Management

Xtiva Financial Systems and PureFacts Financial Solutions have joined forces. Together we're helping the wealth management industry achieve profitable revenue growth with the world's most complete solution for revenue management. 


Redefining revenue management

Xtiva Financial Systems and PureFacts Financial Solutions come together to help wealth management firms and divisions accelerate revenue growth through better revenue management. 



revenue management

under one roof

Attract, manage, and grow revenue with a single solution provider. PureFacts' industry-leading solutions for lead generation, gross fee calculations, billing, reporting, and insights come together with Xtiva's world-class compensation and sales performance management software. The result is a single, end-to-end solution provider that makes your team more efficient and your decisions more insightful.

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Powerful data insights coming together for accelerated growth

Bringing together PureFacts and Xtiva means even greater access to at-a-glance insights. With a single solution provider, you can extract insights from the entire revenue management lifecycle leading to more strategic, agile, and profitable decision-making.      

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A shared commitment to excellence

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Deep industry expertise

For the last 25 years, both PureFacts and Xtiva have been laser-focused on helping the wealth management industry and have built our knowledge and subject matter expertise in this space. 


Customer obsessed culture

Our customers are at the center of everything we do for both companies. By coming together, we expand our ability to serve our clients and deepen our commitment to service. 


Exemplary solutions

Both Xtiva and PureFacts have a high bar for client experience. Together we're committed to continuing to provide best of breed solutions for the wealth management industry. 

Frequently asked questions  

Will my account manager or contract change? No. Your account manager and contract details remain the same. Nothing will change as a result of this merger.

What new capabilities are now available now that these companies are coming together? Bringing Xtiva and PureFacts together enables end-to-end revenue management through a single provider. For existing PureFacts clients that means the ability to now also manage compensation and sales performance as part of your relationship with us. For Xtiva clients, it means access to industry leading tools for new client acquisition, accurate fee calculation and billing management, reporting, and data insights.

Will my ability to integrate with other services/systems change? No. All integrations will be upheld, and, if anything, integration capabilities will expand now that our teams are being brought together.

Does this change PureFacts’ or Xtiva’s focus and the types of solutions they’ll provide / support in the future? The two organizations coming together unify our focus in supporting better end-to-end revenue management that will help clients achieve greater revenue growth. That means continuing to support and service all the same capabilities we offer today, plus expanding our solutions to deliver even more value.

Are there plans to integrate the two systems, and if so, what will that look like? Yes. The intent is to create a unified platform so that you can manage everything from a single place. This will take some time, so our systems will remain separate for the immediate future. Our integration and consolidation plans will be developed with client input to ensure our systems work the way you do.

Will I automatically get access to PureFacts solutions and/or Xtiva if I’m already a client? No. Clients interested in the PureFacts or Xtiva capabilities should speak with their VP of Client Success or Success Manager to learn more and how they can get access to these new solutions.

Will how I access PureFacts and/or Xtiva change? No. Your workflows remain the same, and how your teams use each system doesn’t change.

Who should I speak with if I have questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact the key point of contact for your account – whether that’s your VP of Client Success at PureFacts or your VP of Customer Success at Xtiva. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have.