Calculations done right, everytime. 

Rest assured knowing that your fee calculations and classifications are always accurate, compliant and transparent. 




The only solution to perform true daily calculations, PureFacts fee and billing engine offers unmatched accuracy.

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See daily fee calculations including billable market value, which fee schedule is applied and any exclusions or promotions.



Align pricing to client needs with asset class, security exclusions, performance fees, householding and more.


Cut the complexity.
Cue the profits.

A robust calculation engine that supports even your most custom billing scenarios, allowing for rapid, reliable and transparent data processing and calculations.

Designed to work the way you do

Modular by design, the PureFacts fee and billing engine seamlessly integrates with portfolio management, custodian and CRM systems — enhancing your existing workflows, not changing them.


There’s a better way to do your fee calculations and billing. 


Greater transparency. Stronger client relationships.

Professionally-designed invoices and statements that are clear and accurate to help your clients better understand their fees and improve cash collections.

Growth through greater efficiency

Designed to help grow your bottom line, the PureFacts fee calculation and billing engine will help you:  

  • Retain revenue: close the gaps and reduce the errors that can lead to revenue leakage by integrating and automating your billing and reports
  • Save time: automate your calculations, billing, contract management, data flows and more so your team spends time where it matters most
  • Scale easily: enable your team to work from anywhere with a cloud-based modular system that handles your fees, commissions and related functions.
Case Study

Integrating & streamlining fees

A wealth manager wanted to fix their fractured system for reporting fees across various products, accounts and service levels. Here’s how they got everything simplified, streamlined and integrated.

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