Client & Enterprise Reporting

Flexible suite of transparent reporting solutions for your business.

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At a glance

Reports - At a glance (compressed)

$300K/yr back office savings

Annual savings for a large bank using our reporting solution.

1M+ reports created annually

Our clients' customers rely on our reports and statements to understand their financial wellness.

30+ standard reports

Highly configurable library of reports designed for clients, advisors and management teams.

2,000+ advisors

So many advisors and their teams rely on our reports for monthly, quarterly and annual client interactions.

Client Reporting

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Display detailed performance information

Provide your clients with clear and accurate investment performance information in as much detail as they want on their statements.

Run reports for: Asset allocation, cash inflow/outflow, income maturities, performance, realized gains and losses

Reinforce the value of your advice

Clients want to understand why they’re paying you to take care of their money. Providing transparency around how each fee is calculated, right down to the fee charged on a single security on a specific day, can help you build trust and confidence.

Run reports for: Portfolio performance, income projection, transactions, holdings and asset allocations


Advisor Reporting

advisor report
Deliver the right advice

Advisors benefit from a holistic view of their clients to provide the best advice possible for their unique situations.

Run reports for: Cash balance by account, AUM, fee and fee volatility, asset allocation with threshold

Respond to client requests

Develop and run ad hoc reports in seconds to prepare for client meetings or address client questions.

Run reports for: Cash balance by account, AUM, asset allocation, fees and fee volatility, transaction history


Enterprise Reporting

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Manage compliance risk

Our reporting templates with standard user configurations enable flexibility within regulatory, risk and compliance guardrails.

Run reports for: Monthly or Quarterly Statements, CRM2 Statements, Tax Reporting

Make insight-informed decisions

Our suite of reporting solutions deliver unparalleled insight into your business operations and help you uncover revenue opportunities that are being missed.

Run reports for: Fee margins, Asset Inflow / Outflow, AUM

Reduce back office cost

We help you streamline your workflows to provide operational efficiencies. Use a single statement template to generate highly personalized content at scale.


Key features

interactive dashboards
Interactive dashboards

Avoid data bottlenecks. Access the data you need on the spot instead of submitting requests for data analysis.

Run configurable statements-1
Configurable statements

Your operations team can process massive volumes of regulatory statements quickly and accurately on a robust, fully configurable platform with a flexible data pre-processing layer to calculate key wealth metrics.

key wealth metrics
Key wealth metrics

Wealth metrics are calculated based on aggregated data across customer, financial and security books of record, portfolio management systems, trading and other core systems.

coonversational ai-2
Insights Messenger

With Insights Messenger, you can ask questions in your own words to uncover valuable business insights from your data using Natural Language Processing algorithms.

company branding
Company branding

Consistently reinforce your firm’s brand identity while creating a customized reporting package relevant to the client.

ad hoc reports
Ad hoc reports

Enable your users to produce personalized ad hoc reports the moment they need them with 30+ out-of-the-box templates.

Our core competencies

We're math geeks, wealth management data experts and innovators. Passionate about our clients' success.

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AI & Machine Learning

We have a talented team of PhDs with wealth management knowledge whose superpower is solving complex business problems with machine learning.


For the last decade, we've gathered and processed vast amounts of data – quickly and accurately. All of our clients trust us for their mission-critical business functions.

Complex Calculations

Handling challenging calculations is what we live for. Whether it’s calculating a myriad of fee options or crunching the numbers to extract deep data insights for more informed decisions.

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