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Pure Fees & Pure Commissions

Technology that helps you streamline processes, tailor the client experience and capture more revenue.


Pure Reports

Technology that extracts insight from data so you can focus your efforts and create more value.


Pure Advice

Technology that makes onboarding, goals-based investing and decumulating remarkably smart and easy.

Digital solutions across the enterprise

Intuitive data handling and guided workflows help streamline operations and offer seamless experiences to your stakeholders.

Data aggregation

Pull data from all your warehouses, custodians, in-house and partner systems to get an accurate view of your consolidated data

Data transformation

Perform complex calculations to derive key results and metrics from your source data.

Data enrichment

Receive results from your data that are readily accessible from within your source system.

Data reconciliation

Compare source data and audit calculated results to ensure accuracy across multiple platforms.

API & batch processing

Efficiently process your daily data in bulk with real-time enrichment via API when required.

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Relax. Our technology easily fits into your tech stack and works with your data warehouse, custodian, in-house and partner systems.

PureFacts’ business analysts really understood our reality and challenges while being always proactive. They’re quick on their feet and do the extra mile to fix accurately any temporary discrepancies with the application.

– Vice President of Wealth Management Solutions

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– Vice President of Wealth Management Solutions

Ready to talk?

Transforming your tech is easier than you think.
Tell us about your goals and we’ll help you achieve them.

> 100 clients

Canada, USA & Europe

$1 billion

Fees calculated annually on PureFacts’ platform

$1 trillion

Total AUM on the PureFacts platform

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Canadian fintech selected for UK Trade mission

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