Incentive compensation management that drives performance

Help your sales team outperform themselves, every day. With PureFacts' solution for incentive compensation and performance management, your sales team and compensation structure is designed to help your firm achieve more.


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Increase sales performance

Easily create incentive programs that motivate your sales teams and enhance team performance.

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Achieve business priorities 

Align plans to your firm's business objectives, desired customer experience and revenue goals.


Eliminate tedious guesswork 

Automate manual processes and complex calculations to get realtime visibility into performance.


Flexible configuration

Able to manage the simplest or most complex compensation plans, including single enterprise-wide incentive compensation plans, multiple incentive compensation plans for specific cohorts in your business or a unique incentive compensation plan for each individual.

Easy to use

Say goodbye to clunky, complicated sales compensation software. With PureFacts you can create new incentive compensation plans, edit existing plans and change participants through a simple, easy-to-use interface.


Want to see what a successful incentive compensation program looks like?


Data-driven sales incentive plans

Unlock the power of big data to better align incentive compensation with business needs. Build dynamic incentive targets – driven by KPIs and rich data – into your incentive compensation plans and easily integrate with in-house or third-party technologies to access the right data to power your plans.

Realtime reporting and insights

Make sales performance management more agile with dashboards, reports and automated recommendations that help you and your team:

  • Monitor and evaluate your sales teams’ progress
  • Assess each incentive compensation plan and its impact on performance
  • Link specific incentives with business opportunities to motivate individuals and boost sales performance.
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Why wealth management firms and divisions love our incentive compensation management software

We have been partners with [PureRewards] since our founding. Our team has great confidence in their top notch products and service and when we have needed creativity to help with a business problem, they have brought that to the table as well.

– Lon Dolber, CEO at American Portfolios

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