Wealth advice that lands new clients

In today's competitive market, lead generation for wealth and asset management firms can be hard. But with tools to more quickly, easily and accurately understand client investment goals, your firm can deliver tailored and effective wealth advice that stands out from the crowd.



Improve service quality

Understand the unique goals and aspirations of your prospective clients quickly and accurately.


Reduce risk

Improve information accuracy and comply with regulatory requirements and internal rules.


Increase productivity

Help advisors reduce time to value for clients and deliver personalized plans in a fraction of the time.


Deliver value from day one

Immediately show potential customers that your firm is about more than just transactional interactions. With PureFacts, your financial advisors and wealth managers have ready-made, easy-to-use tools that elevate their advice and the client experience.

Impress prospective clients with ease

With an intuitive and modern interface and guided workflows, your clients will immediately see the effort and care your firm puts into delivering exceptional client experiences.


Want to see how PureFacts’ goals-based investing tool can help your financial advisors convert prospective clients into long-term investors?


Personalized investment advice at scale

Improve advisor productivity without compromising the quality of their output. PureFacts goals-based investing tool accurately captures the unique investment goals and aspirations of prospective clients, helping advisors make insight-driven decisions to maximize value and drive retention.

Flexible configuration to meet your firm’s needs

With goals-based investing from PureFacts you can count on: 

  • Seamless integration with your existing systems 
  • Fully customizable workflows 
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Support for wet signature and fully paperless
  • Alignment to your firm’s risk tolerance scoring systems and portfolios

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Get started with PureFacts’ solutions for goals-based investing. Generate leads and close more new business by helping your financial advisors deliver more effective wealth advice, faster. Send us your up-to-date information and corporate email, and we’ll get right back to you. 

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