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November 17, 2017

Want to transform your operations and improve the customer journey? Start with the investor.

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We recently hosted our 4th Annual PureFacts Client Forum.

The event is an excellent opportunity to get together with our clients in the wealth management industry. We discuss what we’ve accomplished together and preview what’s on the horizon. We share our views on trends in technology and the industry, and provide actionable insights that will be of value to their firms.

This year, we put the focus squarely on the investor. We explored different ways to transform a firm’s operations and provide better experiences for their customers.


Three key takeaways for wealth management firms:


Intelligent technology can improve your business

Intelligent technology can take your operations and client experience to the next level — whether it’s automating manual processes now or looking at how you can incorporate data-driven technologies to understand your customers’ needs in the future. With more intelligent technology, you can shift your focus to high touch, high value activities that result in richer customer experiences.


Technology can enable a personalized customer journey

The customer journey is all the experiences customers have when interacting with your firm and brand. Rather than the typical journey that can end up overloading customers with generic information they often ignore, we can help you create a more personalized and highly engaging experience. The key is digitally enabling your customers to receive only the content that is valuable to them. Through personalized interactions with your customers, you can provide greater transparency and build trust.


Digital transformation can position your firm for growth

As we mentioned at our Client Forum, we recently acquired digital transformation specialists K2 Digital. Their expertise in digital strategy and enablement, along with their custom development capabilities, will equip PureFacts to provide you with the best total solution for your continued success.

K2’s mission is to bridge the gap between your business performance today and where it will need to be in the future. They achieve this by helping you exceed the digital experience expectations of your customers while streamlining your digital operations. Digital transformation will help you keep pace with emerging customer demands and better compete as technology evolves.


At PureFacts, we want to help build the wealth of Canadian investors. We're doing that by giving our wealth management clients the tools to help investors achieve their goals. Check out our suite of software solutions.