October 3, 2022

PureFacts chairs the technology stream at the TSAM NY conference this week

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Purefacts chairs the technology stream at the TSAM NY conference this week

This week we kick off our final TSAM conference of the year! We are excited to meet and collaborate with all our industry colleagues to discuss and learn what asset managers need and how we can best support them. Our CEO, Robert Madej, will chair the Technology and Automation stream discussing the emerging technologies revolutionizing asset management.



2022 has been quite a year and this is the last TSAM event of the year; it has an incredible set of conferences, and it has been wonderful to be back in person with friends new and old. To those who have the good fortune of attending or are in NYC, come down to the PureFacts booth where we can demonstrate why no one understands financial services data better than PureFacts.

The Summit for Asset Managers or TSAM, is the ultimate conference series for asset managers, suppliers, and those in the finance industry. With conferences in London, New York, and Toronto, TSAM brings a host of industry knowledge and innovations to each different conference, allowing asset managers to share their experiences, and leading technology providers to showcase their expertise. TSAM has allowed us to meet the best and brightest when it comes to the asset management world, allowing us to collaborate and learn how we can build the best product for our clients. It’s been a great year with TSAM conferences being back in person, and we can’t wait until next year’s slate!