February 8, 2022

Paving the way Forward

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“When I was a little girl, I used to sit beside my dad and watch him fix things around the house. He used to spend hours with me and my siblings teaching us about math and physics and the wonders of the world. When I moved to Canada, right after finishing high school, I knew I wanted to follow the steps of my dad and brother and become an engineer.

My sister, who is one year older than me, ended up being my classmate because of our immigration journey, applied for a Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering program and started university together. While I was a student, I always wondered why there were so few women in my classes. With no more than 10 of us in a class of almost 120 engineering students, I knew there was an opportunity to pave the way.

I worked two jobs on the weekends to help pay my tuition and even worked harder at school so I could achieve my dreams. Even though I used to get good marks, and was one of the top students, I always doubted myself. The constant fear of being not good enough haunted me during my first year. It wasn’t until my hard work and sleepless nights were rewarded with scholarships and awards that I finally relaxed and accepted the fact that I owned my place in the class. That was also when I realized that I was not alone, many questions themselves and their abilities when they pursue “non-traditional fields” and they need to be supported, recognized and encouraged so they can thrive and grow.

An initial four-year Engineering degree ended up being a decade of study with a PhD at the end. Since graduating, I have been a tireless advocate for empowering women and all pursuing fields less traveled. As my work at PureFacts Financial Solutions has evolved I have taken on the lead in the company’s PurePossibilities program, a corporate giving initiative designed to help support the growth of worldwide wealth by providing access to basic needs, education, and employment. It’s a grassroots program designed as a flywheel in that hope that once people achieve financial well-being, they will give back to help lift someone up who is still in need. Through this program, it is my absolute pleasure to be able to provide other women and men the support, financial wellbeing, and the courage to push forward in their educational pursuits and in return help them give back to their communities.

I am very pleased to congratulate the first two recipients of the PureFacts’ PurePossibilities Scholarships at Guelph University – who both happen to be women, also seeking to make a better future for themselves and pave the way forward to others. The students have been paired with great mentors from PureFacts. The scholarship is designed to enable education and the mentorship is designed to help them gain employment and, we hope one day, they will be in the position to give back to their communities and keep the flywheel spinning.

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