January 31, 2022

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward: 2021 in Review

1 min read

As January comes to an end and the cold temperatures fall upon us, it easy to forget our New Year, fresh start feeling. Living through the pandemic has only added to the uncertainty, however at month-end it is important to take a moment of pause and reflect on just how far we have come. PureFacts and our team are no different.

This past year our employees dug deep and tapped into their resiliency. In 2021 we saw our team face challenges head on and went on to grow our company and in addition build up our surrounding communities. One of our greatest achievements in 2021 was our donation partnership with Daily Bread Food Bank. Daily Bread founded in 1983, has grown to become one of Canada’s largest food banks. 

In 2021 under a single vision to end hunger in Toronto, with the support of their donors, volunteers and supporters, Daily Food Bank … 

  • distributed nearly 17 million pounds of nourishing food to thousands of families and individuals across the city (a 30% increase since last year)
  • opened 22 new food programs (compared to 1-2 programs before the pandemic)
  • cooked and served 101,400 meals made with love from the Daily Bread kitchen
  • delivered over 10,000 meals to isolation programs in partnership with Red Cross
  • welcomed 633 new volunteers, who—alongside the existing squad of incredible volunteers—collectively logged nearly 489,000 hours and sorted almost 3.5 million pounds of food

PureFacts and our employees are proud to contribute to this amazing charity and always in awe of everything they do. We encourage others when facing those winter blues to seek warmth by donating or volunteering, to extend a hand to those in need, the Daily Bread is a wonderful place to begin.

Source: https://www.dailybread.ca/blog/year-in-review-2021/