Goals-based Investing


Clients have unique goals. Help your clients achieve them with the personalized planning of goals-based investing. 



A new measure of success

Our Goals-based investing (GBI) approach focuses on achieving an investor’s specific life goals rather than simply outperforming a benchmark or generating the highest possible portfolio return. GBI makes it easier to track a client’s progress toward their goals and helps prevent irrational decision-making that can derail investment plans.  


Flexible and configurable

Easy to implement, our GBI tool can be configured to meet all your business requirements and is fully scalable. Our flexible solution enables personalized goal setting, strategic asset allocation, automatic rebalancing, and real-time reporting. We can integrate with a wide variety of planning solutions and data providers.




Key features

  • Mobile-optimized onboarding of individuals or households
  • Questionnaire-based or interactive KYC process
  • Personalized goal setting
  • Interactive visual goal projections
  • Risk profiling and portfolio matching
  • Customized investment selection
  • Auto-generation of Investment Policy Statement (IPS) at the end of onboarding
  • Ongoing progress tracking for both clients and advisors



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