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One total solution for your evolving complex needs.

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65% revenue growth over 5 years

A large bank launched a new fee-based program on our platform.

60% of top 50 Canadian Advisors

They rely on us to accurately calculate their fees and prevent revenue leakage.

0 regulatory fines

None of our clients have been fined by regulators for incorrectly charging client fees.

$1B+ fees per year

Total amount of fees calculated annually on our platform.

Reduce total cost of ownership

reduce cost
Minimize risk

Revenue management is a high risk area for any wealth management firm. Billing errors can lead to revenue leakage, regulatory fines and reputational damage. Our solution helps you manage your risk and control back office costs.

Optimize operations

Our clients handle fees for multiple lines of business on the same platform, including mass market, mass affluent, high net worth and institutional offerings.

Anticipate evolving needs

Your business is constantly evolving and so are your needs to handle new fee structures and billing methods. We have a decade-long track record of helping our clients with their evolving needs.


Focus on growth, not constraints

flexible tools
Attract the best advisors

Attract the best advisors with a flexible fees and billing solution that lets them run their business the way they want.

Easily integrate advisor books

Avoid typical integration hurdles. Our flexible solution lets you easily integrate new advisor business with their unique processes, fees and billing practices.


Build trust with transparency

Increase client trust

We provide full visibility for clients into how their advisor fees are calculated daily. This makes it easy for advisors to explain their fees and build trust.

Enhance revenue management

With our fees solution, your business gains an accurate revenue stream, uninterrupted revenue recognition and confidence that you’re capturing all the fees you’re owed.

Retain your best advisors

As one of the most innovative tools on the market, we provide full transparency for advisors into how their compensation is calculated and identify opportunities for revenue growth.


Key features

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Flexible Integrations

Our solution can be integrated with popular portfolio management, custodian and CRM systems.

householding2 -
Flexible Householding

We aggregate accounts and group assets across members of a household or family, with the ability to further group assets across multiple fee-based programs.

accuracy2 -

Our solution features multi-layered automatic guardrails and fee volatility analytics to help users easily process fees, spot and fix errors, and ensure better governance.

tailored pricing2 -
Tailored pricing

Advisors can align their pricing specifically to client needs with asset class, security exclusions, performance fees, multi-household tiering and other types of fees.

soc2 certified2 -
SOC2 Certified

We are SOC2 certified. You can count on us for privacy, security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality.

transparent2 -
Fee Transparency

See daily fee calculations including billable market value, which fee schedule is applied, and any exclusions, promotions, etc.

Our core competencies

We're math geeks, wealth management data experts and innovators. Passionate about our clients' success.

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AI & Machine Learning

We have a talented team of PhDs with wealth management knowledge whose superpower is solving complex business problems with machine learning.


For the last decade, we've gathered and processed vast amounts of data – quickly and accurately. All of our clients trust us for their mission-critical business functions.

Complex Calculations

Handling challenging calculations is what we live for. Whether it’s calculating a myriad of fee options or crunching the numbers to extract deep data insights for more informed decisions.

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