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PureFacts launches digital agency K2XO to help firms accelerate their growth

March 28, 2018


PureFacts just announced the launch of K2XO, the newest member of the PureFacts family. Independently held, K2XO is a full-service, digital agency focused on helping firms outside of the financial sector accelerate growth and achieve their goals.

In November 2017, PureFacts acquired the digital transformation firm K2 Digital. The K2 Digital team brought with them considerable expertise in custom software development and custom digital design solutions. This enhanced the core offering of PureWealth, an industry-leading suite of software solutions for wealth management.

Along with their expertise, K2 Digital also brought an enviable roster of clients in both financial services and the non-financial sector. To provide the best possible service for clients, PureFacts will continue to focus solely on the financial service industry and the newly formed K2XO agency will dedicate themselves to firms in all other industries. K2XO will bring the scalability, security, and methodologies found in the financial services enterprise to the non-financial client base.

 “PureFacts has been on a mission for over 20 years, delivering wealth management solutions that provide superior value for our clients,” says Garth Olsen, President of K2XO. “Our newly formed K2XO carries that tradition and passion for our mission across all non-financial service industries. This includes, but is not limited to telecom, consumer packaged goods, retail, mining, energy and education.”

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About K2XO

K2XO offers business strategies that provoke new thinking to accelerate business growth. K2XO partners with clients who are ready for drastic change. They create and execute digital roadmaps to help firms meet their corporate objectives in an increasingly connected world. K2XO drives results by balancing the inseparable components of digital experience (X) and digital operations (O). This approach successfully engages customers, empowers employees, and optimizes operations, while delivering cutting-edge products and experiences. Independently held, K2XO is a part of the PureFacts ecosystem of companies.

For more information, contact Amit Arora, VP, Digital Strategy & Transformation, K2XO, amit.arora@k2xo.com or 416-598-1241, ext 240.



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