Rapid and reliable commission calculations

Make all aspects of commission and retrocession management a snap. With PureFacts, commission calculations, processing and reporting are automated, accurate and transparent. 



Reduce risk

Improve information accuracy and ensure compliance with regulatory and internal rules.


Increase revenue

Eliminate revenue leakage and optimize fee schedules and policies to maximize profits.

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Improve transparency

Clear reporting improves forecasting and enables easier scenario analysis and modeling.


A single, scalable system 

Stop wasting time toggling between systems. The PureFacts platform lets you manage commissions, invoicing and rebates from a single centralized space.

Less time on calculations. More time with clients.

Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming and error-prone tasks such as calculation of receivable and payable fees and commissions, accruals and reconciliations. With PureFacts, calculations are automated and always accurate.


Ready to see how PureFacts can make commission management a snap?


Configurability redefined

Flexible, adaptable and highly configurable. PureFacts solutions are able to handle any rule, condition, exclusion or exception, including flexible tariff and discount management.

Better workflows for a more productive firm

Automated workflows ensure your team spends less time on administration and more time growing AUM. 

  • Automated billing workflows
  • Automated contract management
  • Integration with major custodians, CRM, banking, portfolio management and accounting systems.

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