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Harness your data to make AI-informed decisions to grow revenue, engage clients and deliver exceptional experiences.





How PureFacts is applying Artificial Intelligence

At PureFacts, we’re actively working on ways we can incorporate the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning into our software solutions.  With the help of AI, we’re empowering advisors to provide more personalized experiences for their clients at scale. Through machine learning, natural language processing and robotics, we’re delivering transformative change for our financial services clients.

Bridging the gap between data scientists and financial professionals

We turn the latest AI research into impactful applications for financial services. We help you understand, engage and retain your best advisors and clients by turning data and analytics into insights, strategy and results.

Automate tedious processes so your advisors can focus on what matters

We build AI that aligns with your firm’s goals, whether you’re trying to improve conversions (lead scoring), enhance retention (attrition prediction), or offer more personalized service (recommendation), we’ve got the AI-based solution to meet your needs.

Key applications of AI and Data Analytics

Client retention and churn reduction

We use data to analyze patterns of at-risk clients so wealth firms can flag them to their financial advisors.

Financial advisor retention 

We analyze what patterns indicate that financial advisors may be thinking about leaving their firm.

Compliance Review on Project Plans

We use AI technology to automatically flag the areas of massive project plans for potential regulatory compliance issues and significantly reduce review time.

Contact Center Quality Analysis

With natural language processing systems, we can process contact-center data and identify ways to improve customer service quality.

Automating Insurance Claims

By using a combination of AI and data science technology, we can automate the handling of insurance claims, eg. predicting the cost of repairing a vehicle, determining if a particular claim is unusually large, or automatically assessing flood or weather damages.

Fraud Detection

All financial institutions have to deal with fraud detection and machine learning algorithms are at the core. We run machine learning models to determine the probability that someone is committing fraud.

Risk Modeling for Debt

We use deep-learning and AI technology to perform the traditional due diligence and credit scoring of the person borrowing.

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    SVP, Head of Operations, Canaccord
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    Vice President, Wealth Management Solutions, National Bank Financial
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    Vice President, Wealth Management Solutions, National Bank Financial
  • “PureFacts has proven to be a willing and able partner, working with us to understand our requirements and performing analysis, development and implementation phases to upgrade existing products or install new products.”

    SVP, Head of Operations, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management